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Welcome to the site of Häusler, the Austrian manufacturer for top-quality terrace and fence stones. Häusler is a family-run business with locations in Austria, as well as partners in Hungary and Slovakia.
The German version of our website offers a pictorial overview of our products. An extensive selection of flagstone and tiling options for the beautification of your terrace and fencing can be found under “Produkte.” The selection of Häusler’s quality products in online catalogs to download and browse at your convenience can be found under “Service/Kataloge.”
Here you can find a list of our locations and contact information. Give us a call or stop by one of our showrooms. English-speaking staff members look forward to assisting you!


Our Philosophy

Häusler’s goal is quite simple: To provide our customers with the most beautiful terraces and fences.


We don’t do anything else. We are always working hard to maintain and improve our service to you.


Always better -

For over two decades, the same hard work and dedication year after year...


We offer a large variety of products for your terrace and garden such as patio tiling and durable fence stones.


The terrace and the garden fence: The specialization in these two areas of construction gives us the competitive edge…


Always better –

This mainspring also helps us to develop additional solutions.


Do you need steps, wall coverage, swimming pool enclosure or plant troughs?

No problem! We offer products for these purposes, plus many more.


Happiness and harmony –

We want to contribute to fulfilling your dreams of outdoor living!